Tuesday, August 19, 2008

English Class - What do I need again?

What Do I Need for English Class Today???

Oh no... you're on your way to English class and forgot what you need to bring every day!! Well, never fear, the blogspot has you covered!!

You need:



Sticky notes/highlighters - just in case

Assignment Notebook!!

Reading book- for pleasure - yes, I said for pleasure! READING ROCKS!

Welcome Back to Fremont Middle School

Welcome Back 8th Graders!

We are going to have the best time in 8th grade English this year and I cannot wait to get to know all of you better. Be sure to bring your notebook, folder, a book to read, and something to write with each and every day! Oh, and don't forget your FMS planner - very important!
Our first few weeks will be filled with activities to help me see where your strengths and areas of need lie - this way I can best help you to succeed in 8th grade and beyond!
So... get ready, we're off to a great year at Fremont Middle School!
Click the following link for information about your schedule each day:)