Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome Back to Fremont Middle School

Welcome Back 8th Graders!

We are going to have the best time in 8th grade English this year and I cannot wait to get to know all of you better. Be sure to bring your notebook, folder, a book to read, and something to write with each and every day! Oh, and don't forget your FMS planner - very important!
Our first few weeks will be filled with activities to help me see where your strengths and areas of need lie - this way I can best help you to succeed in 8th grade and beyond!
So... get ready, we're off to a great year at Fremont Middle School!
Click the following link for information about your schedule each day:)


Anonymous said...

English & Social Studies are my favorite classes htis year..
[and they also have the best teachers.]

Who? said...

They are pretty fun. but i hope we get to play silent ball or heads up 7up more often:)

Anonymous said...

MRS. WHITMAN IS THEEEE BEST TEACHER EVER! I would just like to announce that to EVERYONE! I MISS YOU MRS. WHITMAN!!!!!! We neeeeeed to talk sometime... I have LOTS to tell you since i left fremont in march last year.
Love- Avery Edwards