Tuesday, August 19, 2008

English Class - What do I need again?

What Do I Need for English Class Today???

Oh no... you're on your way to English class and forgot what you need to bring every day!! Well, never fear, the blogspot has you covered!!

You need:



Sticky notes/highlighters - just in case

Assignment Notebook!!

Reading book- for pleasure - yes, I said for pleasure! READING ROCKS!


Anonymous said...

This is katy and crystal wont let me read whatever she writes and i dont know what she said so whatever she wrote isnt true!!!

Anonymous said...


Who? said...

LoL, that is..........odd....
coudn't you just like get on your own computer?

Anonymous said...

The person in the picture is Charles Dickens
----DJ Steffy

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed reading about the person of the week julia 4 core